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Populate or stagnate - Saul's Population Propoganda

Populate or stagnate

9 Mar 2010 ... Populate or stagnate. March 10, 2010. THE third Intergenerational Report, released by the government in January, projected that Australia's ...


Population Growth Is Out Of Control - 889 722 during 2008/2009 !!!!!!!

Recently, Kelvin Thomson MP, federal member for Wills, made a speech in parliament about population growth which sent shock waves around the country. So PLANNING BACKLASH  and BRAG met with him l to discuss this matter as we were concerned about the following immigration figures :-
You may be surprised to learn that our immigration figures for 2008/2009 were :-
·        Permanent migrant intake   171318
·        from New Zealand                 47780

Hull fast Tracks Us to Ruin

The State Government find a way under the Review of VCAT to fast track Developments  through VCAT that are worth as little as  $5 million or more.
This is another blow to democracy.    
Attorney General Rob Hulls picks this point out of the VCAT Review and without any community  consultation starts it immediately.    Though of course we know from what has come out of the PLanning Department that Community Consultations are a sham, but still we are now denied even a sham consultation right to  opinion.      

Madden's Media Plan in Full - How many more of these are there ???

Madden's Media Plan in Full as sent by Peta Duke to the ABC (by mistake?)and has caused the Greatest Scandal.   Read it and  see why.

State Government is behind the overpopulation of Melbourne

The State Government are doing all they can to get people to migrate to Melbourne and yet they have the nerve to say that people are coming and there is nothing they can do to stop them.   That is not true. They are actively encouraging people to come here.
This increase of population is wrecking Marvellous Melbourne.   We are overcrowded and short of everything.     We call on the Government and we call on the Opposition to get this increase under control.

Property Council - Against Local Democracy ?


How dare the Property Council suggest that Councils, and that means residents, be sidelined from Planning and Development.      Of course they would like it so they would have a free hand to do whatever they like and we could do nothing.  Well that is NOT Democracy and we are still a democracy or so we are led to believe.
We will not be dictated to by big business.    



High Density Cities Contribute to Global Warming - The overseas storm intensifies

Dr Tony Recsei of SOS Sydney goes International
The furore continues in North America about the introduction that I wrote for the 2010 6th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey.  Correspondence continues to heat up on Planetizen,  This has become voluminous.   For ease of reading I can provide a summary of the discussion between Michael Lewyn and me on request (Lewyn is a law professor in Toronto and my main antagonist on the site).
Mention is being made in other publications.  See:

Modernising Victoria’s Planning Act - Morning Peninsula Submission

This Submision from Mornington Peninsula council Some councils dont understand and go soft on it.

Modernising Victoria’s Planning Act - WERA Submission

WERA Submission - Modernising Victoria’s Planning Act
Planning and Environment Amendment (General) Bill 2009
What is the issue?

What is the relevant proposal in the Bill [Number 1 – 70]? 
The objectives of planning in Victoria
A specific reference to balancing environmental, social and economic considerations in decision making, and related changes to sections 12 and 60
Proposal 15(1) New section 4(1)(c)
Proposal 18(2) Amended section 12(2)(c)
Proposal 41(2) New section 60(1)(f); amended section 60(1)(e)
A new reference to a healthy environment Proposal 15(1) Amended section 4(1)(b)
A new reference to high quality and sustainable design Proposal 15(1) New section 4(1)(e)

Modernising Victoria’s Planning Act - Planning Backlash Submission

Called  Modernising Victoria’s Planning Act.  This Bill must be rejected by Parliament in the name of democracy as it is a takeover of power by the Minister. It is now a Review, it is a parallel Bill .


Debunking the population myths - Mark O’Connor.

‘‘I HATE what it does to our cities and coastline, and our water,’’ a young woman told me last time I gave a talk on population growth, ‘‘but whenever I try to talk about it, I get jumped on’’.
Well, what did she expect? Population growth is natural, and people want it.
Growth benefits the environment by providing more taxpayers to pay for better environmental standards.
It’s essential to national defence.
Higher immigration makes the economy stronger.
Meanwhile, our births are not keeping up with deaths, so we need more migrants.
We have a badly ageing population, and the elderly cost far more than the young. Immigration keeps us young.
No major environmentalist – not the late Judith Wright, not Tim Flannery, not Ian Lowe – believes Australia should limit its population.

Public Housing solutions required - Victorian Local Governance Association

Public Housing solutions required

Local governments readily identify a need for increased investment in affordable housing, and that the Federal and State Governments are in the best position to provide this investment.
Media Type: Media Releases, News
Topics: Affordable Housing

16 February 2010

Justin Madden Interview - John Clarke & Bryan Dawe

Justin Madden would not talk to so John Clarke and Bryan Dawe kindly stepped in...

  (Also available on our  Youtube Channel)

PROTEST RALLY - Save the Windsor Hotel from Madden's Madness


Victorians have been enraged and appalled by Planning Minister Madden's decision to approve the redevelopment of the Windsor Hotel.

The National Trust of Australia (Vic),
Planning Backlash
and Protectors of Public Lands
have joined forces to hold a protest rally.

The community has not been given its chance to be properly heard - so come along and let the government know what you think. The Windsor is threatened with a 91m tower addition in a 'return to facadism'. Development and heritage can and must live together however the parliamentary precinct deserves proper protection not discretionary height controls - we call on the government to work with City of Melbourne to deliver a proper structure plan for the precinct. Discretionary controls in the hand of the Minister are insufficient.

State of Australian Cities Report released

The State of Australian Cities Report 2010 has been released, to assist the Australian Government, in cooperation with state, territory and local government, and in partnership with the community and industry, to improve Australian urban policies.

The report is designed to redress an information deficiency about economic, environmental, social and demographic changes, and to reveal trends and provide a platform of knowledge for the development and implementation of future urban policies.

The report found that the past outward urban expansion has meant a greater distance between residential and employment areas with a resultant greater use of cars, higher transport costs, more vulnerability to oil price rises and the loss of agricultural land or habitat. More recently, however, the pattern of growth has seen an increasing proportion of population growth accommodated in existing inner and middle suburban areas, most notably in Sydney.

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