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Consultation with community a sham

The Age Letters February 27, 2010
JUSTIN Madden must resign. The leaked document that reveals a plan by his office to run a sham public consultation process over the future of the Windsor Hotel (''Heat on Madden over Windsor Hotel sham'', The Age, 26/2) has merely confirmed what we have known all along, that community consultation is a sham.
We call it ticking the boxes and ignoring what anyone says because they already know what they want to do. However, we have continued, in hope, to spend hours and hours writing serious submissions. Now we know, straight from the horse's mouth, that we have been wasting our time. We feel insulted.

Should "Fake consultation" Madden be sacked ?

Victorian Planning Minister Justin Madden arguably reduces himself to a bumbling mess on the 3AW Neil Mitchell program. But he 'has a job to do and will keep doing it'.

Modernising Victoria’s Planning Act - BRAG Submission

BRAG is registered under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 – A0054624J.

Housing crisis in Melbourne ? I wonder why ?

If we were really short of housing, would developers have to sell them overseas.
This shortage story of the Brumby government is a myth. These flats are in Monash area.

The myth that immigrants want high migration

It is a common misconception that immigrant Australians are supporters of high immigration.

Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser's spin-doctors, and later Hawke's and Keating's, built upon this initial untruth. Their logic ran  that anyone opposing high immigration was opposing the wishes of immigrants, therefore was anti-immigrant,  and therefore -- by a further leap of illogic, was a "racist'.

Population Growth and the Democratic Deficit

Address by Kelvin Thomson, MP for Wills, to the Australian Capital Territory Branch of Sustainable Population Australia, Wednesday 10 February 2009

Migration reforms will help support national development

Universities Australia today endorsed the aim of the Government’s proposed migration reforms to encourage the best and brightest – people with advanced skills and qualifications – to migrate to Australia.

The reforms include improving occupational listing, encouragement of state and territory migration plans, reviewing the points system with emphasis on applicants with advanced qualifications, and reduced queuing for independent migration applicants.

“In recent consultations with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Universities Australia called for a review to turn around the emergence of low skill migration entry and lengthy queuing for applicants. The changes announced today will help with redress of that situation,” said Universities Australia Chief Executive, Dr Glenn Withers.

Australia’s day of population reckoning

by Crispin Hull on January 30, 2010

HOW apt that the debate which major political parties have tried to avoid for so long should become one of the major talking points of the week of Australia Day – our population.

The line-up was instructive. Philanthropist businessman Dick Smith, poet and author Mark O’Connor, former politicians Bob Carr and (less recently) Bob Hawke against large increases in population on one side and billionaire property developer Harry Triguboff and serving politicians Tony Abbott and (less recently) Kevin Rudd in favour of a large population on the other.

A four-segment series on the 7.30 Report added to the debate.


UK NEWS Scottish Daily Express

New study explodes myth that migrants boost our pensions
Monday January 25,2010

By Macer Hall
CLAIMS that mass immigration will help support Britain's ageing population were condemned as "totally dishonest" yesterday.

Ministers repeatedly say that migrant workers are desperately needed to expand the workforce to provide more tax revenue for supporting the rapidly growing number of pensioners.


Businessman Dick Smith believes Australia’s rapid population growth has
become a major threat to the nation’s future. He asks if it’s time Australia had
a political party dedicated to reducing and containing the growth of its

He will speak further when launching a revised version of the book
Overloading Australia (see at
Dymock’s City Store at 424 George Street, Sydney at 11.00am Monday 1
February 2010.

“Ideally one of the major parties should take up the issue and give voters a
choice”, Dick Smith said. “Failing that, I expect we will end up with a new party
that is dedicated to the issue.

“It’s not as if the voters need convincing. It is evident that our cities and our

The Garden State becoming the Concrete State

State Government attacked by top Garden expert. The government talk liveability with no idea of the importance of gardens to our health and lifestyle

You’re undoubtedly aware of the ‘heat island effect’, but thought it was interesting being spelled out on the Bureau of Meteorology website ( under ‘Climate Summary for the past month’ – especially their reference to ‘close-packed buildings’.

Changes to Victoria's Planning Act which will affect all of us

The Brumby Government is trying to bring in changes into the Planning Act that will change forever how planning in this State is handled. They are taking power away from Councils and the People and giving it to the Minister of Planning. Sign this and send it in by the 12th February also call your local MPs and tell them not to suppport this Bill when it comes to Parliament. It is essential for us all that this is defeated.


The Drive for More People coming into our country comes from Big Business

The Drive for More People coming into our country comes from Big Business who want to sell ever more things to ever more people. They talk about the population ageing, well those MORE PEOPLE will age too. So does that mean you have to keep expanding forever to keep up with the ageing. The clever small rich countries dont seem to have that problem.

A property developers view on the benefits of property development .

Check this link




 I see slowing growth as vital to keeping our state and city liveable as the Planners are making such a mess of what is here now. The least we should do is get our house in order first.
The articles below from the Age are interesting
Bob Birrell from Monash University making good sense against the increase of population we are having pushed onto us by progrowth government, both State and Federal.
MIchael Danby MP from the progrowth lobby hitting out at Kelvin Thomson his colleague. Does it remind you of the saying 'Prejudice Overwhelms Logic' ? But it is hard to believe it is the same man who was so supportive of Unchain St Kilda and their desire to protect their area from unwelcome development. Oh well.
Then predictably the
Master Builders Federation who want to keep building Melbourne all the way to Swan Hill, though Spooner in his carton suggests Outer North Melbourne pushing as far as Central Australia.

Population, biodiversity, and human well-being

Fred Meyerson
Department of Natural Resources Science,
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

© The Ecological Society of America

The zero-sum game for the limited surface of Earth has an overwhelming favorite – humans and their
well-being, broadly writ. Biodiversity and habitat conservation to support the shrinking array of
species may win minor battles in the competition for solar energy and physical space, but biodiversity will
lose the war, as long as humanity continues to grow. This conclusion is not new, but recent sobering news
about population trends, climate change, and mitigation proposals reinforces it.

Nunawading Emissions Offset Pilot Project

Melbourne 2030 - Nunawading Major Activity Centre
"Nunawading Emissions Offset Pilot Project"


“ A key project to initiate world leading sustainable development outcomes…… a project for our times”






Prepared By


BLEEP - Blackburn Lake Environmental Education Park

November 2008


No evidence for "need more people"

Mark O"Connor answers Angela Shanahan and her article in the Australian about increasing the population
Angela Shanahan (‘Demographic reality tells us it's never too late to populate’, The Australian, 9 January 2010) claims the fact is “we need more people”, but offers no sound evidence for this. The Australian Academy of Science would beg to differ. It has warned that 23 million should be Australia’s safe limit, and that’s more or less where we are now.

Relax rules to help developers

It was heart-warming to read property developer Harry Triguboff (“relax rules to provide new homes”, 7 January) claiming to be one “who has tried to provide affordable and appropriate housing for the better part of half a century”.


Come off it Harry. You’ve been trying to make money. Your Meriton property group is to be congratulated for its success in doing this, but please don’t try to convince us that your mission has really been to provide all us poor folks with shelter. If that has been your motive, you have failed spectacularly because house prices have never been higher and there is as you say “a growing crisis of homelessness”.


Hidden costs of more people

The Melbourne sprawl decision highlights, (link below) once again, the hidden cost of more people, which politicians choose to ignore and refuse to listen to.


"a charge on fringe development estimated to raise $2 billion over 20 years to help pay for infrastructure in new suburbs. But it is still expected to generate only 15 per cent of total infrastructure costs"

ABC TV News features population debate - Transcript 3/1/2010

For the first time in at least 20 years Australia's ABC TV News has allowed a spokesperson from Sustainable Population Australia to contest the arguments for population growth.

Congratulations to reporter Karl Hoerr for replacing a monotonous series of pro-growth pieces from ABC TV News with a first genuine debate.

The interview is currently available at and it seems it will remain up for 4 hours.

(It occurs half way through the news, just before the cricket report -- you can skip to there.)

I have transcribed it as follows:

ABC TV News Sunday 3 January 2010

Arts Makes melbourne marvellous

While our Marvellous Melbourne grows in population and high-rise buildings, our musicians (and other artists) lose their funding in order to stimulate the economy by keeping the building industry healthy (and lining the developers' pockets!).

In its 27 years of existence, the Melbourne Jazz Cooperative (MJC) has presented more than 1800 concerts, with the number of concerts exceeding 150 in 2009. This has been achieved with minimal funding by the Australia Council and Arts Victoria. Now the MJC’s funding from Arts Victoria has been COMPLETELY CUT!

Without funding from Arts Victoria, the MJC is forced to cut its program by half. This will directly reduce the opportunity for Victorian's to see and hear contemporary Australian jazz.

For more information and to sign the petition, please visit:


165 in the last 3 months worth $1.5 billion.
What on earth is the point of Minister Madden happily approving every development that developers bring to his door so matter what no matter where and then they dont get built. What is needed it proper planning not a rush to approve anything no matter how inappropriate.

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