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Population Bombshell
NEALES Chief reporter  August 08, 2008 12:00am

Eastern Arcade - Bourke Street - Planning Fiasco

Dear Minister,

MARVELLOUSMELBOURNE want you, as the Minister responsible for Planning in our State, to answer a question.

Cairnlea Community - Transport needs response
24 Jul 2008

Tunnel Plans
8 Aug 2008


A community campaign against a massive road tunnel through Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs and parks.

Garden Grabbing

Garden Grabbing - Solihull New


This is written by a Councillor of Manningham  Warren Welsh who says the governmnet takeover of Doncaster Hill with their DAC's will prove to be a failure.   The Government is living in dreamworld about  development 

The myths of Sydney's urban consolidation

An interview with Dr Tony Recsei, president of the Save Our Suburbs community group, which opposes over-development forced onto communities by the NSW State Government.

Bourke St FIASCO: Hey, Minister for Planning - WHAT HAPPENED!?

Bourke St FIASCO: Hey, Minister for Planning - WHAT

Former Eastern Arcade - DEMOLTION

(Extract from:

8 million by 2050 The liveable city?

THANK you to Bob Birrell (Comment & Debate, 4/8) for pointing out the fallacy in John Brumby's assertion that Victoria's growth rate of 1.6% is "about right". I wonder what the public would think if instead of hiding behind a seemingly innocuous number, the Premier explained that this growth rate will result in a doubling of the population by mid-century. That's right, Melbourne with 8 million people by 2050 if our current "about right" growth rate is maintained.

Ombudsman takes on Brimbank council

  • ALLEGATIONS of bribery, intimidation and misuse of funds at the ALP-dominated Brimbank council will be investigated by the Victorian Ombudsman.

Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. Coordinates a Joint Rally "Sustainable Public Transport - No Road Tunnels" 10 September 2008 Parliament House

What happens AFTER the Eddington Review "Investing in Transport - East West Link Needs Assessment"? Many groups and individuals put in submissions to the Review by 15 July 2008.

Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. Meeting - 9 August 2008 North Melbourne Library

Time: 12:45 pm for 1 pm to approximately 3 pm (including afternoon tea.)  

Outside the square
Outside the square

BOB Birrell rejects John Brumby's typically tentative solution to Melbourne's destructive population growth, but his claim that the problems are "not so much due to the size of the city" is uncharacteristically silly. The extra million that Melbourne 2030 is planning for is roughly the population of Birmingham - Britain's second-largest city!

Equally serious is that rural Victoria is starved of population. Melbourne 2030 is to blame: its vision statement mentions only Melbourne but makes the claim that it will "provide maximum benefit to the whole state".

The Melburnians without hope or a home

THE version of Melbourne we're fond of cultivating is of a liveable c

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