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YWYS - Launches new awards: The Dumby Award

Tomorrow at Newhaven on Phillip Island, Minister Jacinta Allen will be presented with the inaugural DUMBY AWARD as a representative of the Brumby Government that has shown courage to venture down to the Bass Coast.
Please refer to the attached "Award Certificate" for further details of this new and exciting award system that will no doubt be appreciated by its recipients.
Kind regards
Andrea Bolch,
on behalf of Your Water Your Say Action Group Inc.

Opposition to rail bridge over the Lane Cove River in Sydney

I have made inquiries about the opposition to the proposed rail bridge over the Lane Cove River in Sydney and have received the following information from one of the organisers at the time:

Time Line Of Strategic Planning Proposals For Melbourne

  • 1967    Town and Country Planning Board…3 possibilities for future development of Melbourne…
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The MAV is MIA (Missing in Action !!!)

The Municipal Association of  Victoria (MAV) was established over 100 years ago “to watch over and protect the interests, rights and privileges of municipal corporations”  (Municipal Association Act, 1907).
The Brumby Government’s latest assault on local government planning powers provided a crucial challenge and opportunity for the MAV to stand up for its own charter and to represent the vital interests of councils and their local stakeholders. 


Protecting our liveability today for tomorrow

PLANNING BACKLASH network of 120+  resident groups across city, country and coast  launched a Website on Sunday 6th July at a well attended meeting in the Moonee Ponds Clocktower.

Could Melbourne End Up Like Jakarta


“More than 30   years ago  I moved to live in  Indonesia and resided in Jakarta on and off for 21 years.  

YWYS & Community to defy eviction/ Support Required

Tomorrow morning (Monday) the DSE will endeavour to have the YWYS Community Assembly evicted from the site at the entry to the proposed desalination site at Wonthaggi.

Planning Backlash - Media Release - 9th July 08

PLANNING  BACKLASH  network of 120+ resident groups from city, country and coast  are appalled by the revelation  today in the Age that Premier Brumby has stated that donations are good for democracy.       It seems obvious that  donations are good for two sorts of people  - the donars and and the recipients, one because they receive t


I live in the suburb of Canterbury, Melbourne, in the State of Victoria, Australia.  What is happening in my suburb, and other Melbourne suburbs, and in the City of Melbourne, and the State of Victoria?  What is becoming of Australia?  What is to be become of my back yard? My beaches where I have swum, the bay in which I have sailed, Williamstown, built by my forebears who started the dockyards, captained the ships, and taught at the schools?  My suburb, where my grandfather’s name and the names of his children have been given to the roads and streets?

Experts find the flaws in Melbourne 2030

MELBOURNE 2030, the Victorian Government's strategic plan for the sustainable development of Melbourne, released in 2002, was subject to its first five-year audit, which the Government released last week.
Unfortunately, the report was well and truly buried by the Government's simultaneous announcement that it was stripping council planning power over 26 growth centres as a means of removing one of the obstacles to high-density housing.

Ringwood transit project all go

THE development of the Ringwood Transit City project would boost Victoria's bottom line by $218 million over 20 years, a report commissioned by Maroondah Council has found.
The report, by SGS Economics and Planning, found the project would inject $19 million a year into the state's economy and would provide improved housing choice in the area. Mayor Tony Dib said the council commissioned the report to provide information on the economic potential of the transit city project, including the redevelopment of Ringwood train station.

New Docklands store 'out of step'

A US retail warehouse approved for the Docklands should be knocked down within 15 years of construction, according to a council report.
The warehouse, hailed by Premier John Brumby, was out of step with state and council planning guidelines, the report said.

Unlock the city, say developers

MELBOURNE'S biggest developers have backed a bold initiative to boost Melbourne's dwindling stock of affordable homes and to reopen the inner city to a generation locked out by escalating house prices.

The move will test the Bracks Government's pre-election commitment to housing affordability, with developers endorsing a scheme known as inclusionary zoning that would require them to provide cheap rental housing in new projects.

Confusion central at Red Hill

RED Hill residents are confused and unhappy that plans for the proposed Centrepoint revamp keep changing.  "It is very unclear and it changes frequently," development opponent, Red Hill Community Action president Hans Eisen said.

Developer Donations to Vic Govt: With strings attached

Money and politics can be an explosive mix. An Age investigation reveals almost all donations from the property world to Labor in Victoria are from companies that have either sought, or won, Government favour. Here are a handful of notable cases.
ONE of the most curious of planning cases under the Bracks/Brumby Government followed the $20 million inferno that destroyed the Lombards paper warehouse in Flemington in November 2004. Premier Bracks visited the site the next morning and promised to expedite planning to get Lombards re-established at the site.

Digging into big wallets for access to the ALP? It can be priceless

LAST Tuesday, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was in town and, despite a hectic week addressing some of the nation's biggest-ever challenges, he found time for an ALP fund-raiser.
But this was no chook raffle and VB do in Labor heartland. It was a $1300-a-head dinner and show at the National Gallery of Victoria attended by Premier John Brumby and 300 of Melbourne's business elite. The host? ALP fund-raising arm Progressive Business and its president, Philip Staindl. Increasingly, Progressive Business is the meeting point of civic and commercial life in Victoria. All the more so now that Labor controls every parliament in the country. The Liberals watch with envy.

New orbital freeway plan for city

A CONTENTIOUS proposal to build the "missing link" in Melbourne's outer ring road network will be considered as part of a wider plan by the State Government to deal with Melbourne's transport chaos.
Premier John Brumby has confirmed that a freeway link through some of the city's most environmentally sensitive areas will be among a series of proposals considered in a far-reaching new transport plan.

'Missing link' may drive MPs from power

A STRING of northern metropolitan MPs could be affected by a proposal to build the "missing link" in the Metropolitan Ring Road, with two facing almost certain defeat if the link is built above ground through their electorate, insiders predict.
Two proposals are being considered for linking the Eastern Freeway or EastLink with the Metropolitan Ring Road in Greensborough.

Two cheers for saving the Grand Prix for Melbourne

WHEN is a night grand prix not a night grand prix? When it's a twilight grand prix, apparently. Twilight is an unnatural notion in most parts of Australia, existing only through the contrivance of daylight saving. But Victoria's participation in this annual exercise in making the clocks run out of sync with the sun has apparently secured Melbourne's most threatened major event, the Grand Prix, for another five years.

Container home plan would lead to ghettos, says critic


A RADICAL plan to solve Victoria's housing affordability crisis by putting shipping containers in caravan parks has infuriated social welfare organisations.
Macroplan Australia managing director and prominent urban planner Brian Haratsis said shipping containers could be located on public land or in caravan parks, providing cheaper housing for those locked out of the property market.

A touch of Copenhagen for the streets of East Melbourne

BIKE lanes of the "Copenhagen style" will be introduced in East Melbourne's busy Albert Street.
The Melbourne City Council has issued a planning permit for the lanes, which will be similar to those already in Swanston Street, Carlton, and will separate cyclists and other traffic with a 30-centimetre rumble strip and parking lane.

Speech by Kathy Prange - Planning Backlash Rally - July 6, 2008


Premier shifts tack on donations

IF A week is a long time in politics, a decade is enough for a big change of heart. That appears to be the case for Premier John Brumby.
This week, responding to The Age series investigating corporate donations in Victoria, Mr Brumby dismissed concerns about the Government being influenced by the corporate dollars pouring into ALP coffers.

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