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The Destruction of Knoxfield

The once leafy green and semi-rural suburb of Knoxfield is being devastated by greedy developers grabbing the large blocks, with incentives of high prices for the owners.  Knox City Council has approved  the building of  40 dwellings  in Kathryn Road replacing six and  now there are applications for 36 dwellings where there once was only six.

A well-planned satire

SATIRISTS John Clarke and Bryan Dawe feature on a new website that highlights community concern over State Government planning decisions., launched by the Planning Backlash group, includes a mock interview with Planning Minister Justin Madden.

Media release: Party donations NOT good for democracy, says Planning Backlash

PLANNING BACKLASH MEDIA RELEASE     9th July 08 - Protecting our liveability today for tomorrow 


Party donations good for democracy, says Premier

PREMIER John Brumby has upset some of his colleagues by backing the right of companies to donate to political parties, and declaring the practice good for democracy.
Mr Brumby was commenting yesterday in response to revelations by The Age this week about donations and government contracts, and the role of ALP fund-raising arm, Progressive Business.

The beginning of the end for local government in Victoria

Mitchell Shire Councillors Cr Ross Lee, Cr Mike Hammond & Cr Robert Parker 24th May 2008

VCAT and Madden help developers double-cross St Paul's Primary School in Coburg


I am Principal of St Paul's Coburg and our school backs on to Pentridge.

Speech by Geoffrey Rush - Planning Backlash Rally - July 6, 2008

 This has been such an inspiring assembly.  Mostly, on this crucial topic we‘re regularly blinded by smoke and mirrors, or manipulated by goats and monkeys. Over the past five years I’ve learnt being an activist is predominantly Frustration, Anger and Despair.
Frustration – is anyone actually listening?  The media never really seems to be up to our speed.  It seems The Age won’t print a letter.  We’re depicted as faceless - or a celebrity novelty…or worse… NIMBYs….and yet I’ve never encountered such an articulate group with less selfish motives.

Political donations linked to developers, contractors

CORPORATE donors to the Victorian Labor Party are almost invariably companies with lucrative public contracts or development, gaming or alcohol interests at the mercy of Government discretion.
An investigation by The Age has also revealed a correlation in the timing of developer donations and key planning decisions. These projects include the $600 million Martha Cove marina at Safety Beach, the redevelopment of the Lombard paper warehouse in Flemington, and the $650 million Burwood Heights residential and commercial precinct.

Growth areas link to violence

Jason Dowling June 9, 2008

A LACK of services and planning in some Melbourne growth corridors has created the "perfect storm" for violence, academics and police say.

New Docklands store 'out of step'

Kate Lahey  June 24, 2008

A US retail warehouse approved for the Docklands should be knocked down within 15 years of construction, according to a council report.

Planning Backlash Rally - Backlash Rally - TV News Reports

Clocktower function centre 6 July 2008 featuring Geoffrey Rush as broadcast on the TV news Channels 2, 7, 9

Actor Geoffrey Rush argues for more cities

Geraldine Mitchell  July 07, 2008 12:00am,21985,23978942-2862,00.html

OSCAR-winning actor Geoffrey Rush yesterday challenged the Brumby Government to create satellite cities to cope with Melbourne's booming population.

Speech by Jenny Warfe - Planning Backlash Rally


July 6, 2008  Planning Backlash Clocktower Rally

Mr. Madden and Mr. Brumby are playing ping pong with us.  I would like to tell you the story of how Mr. Brumby and Mr. Madden have dealt with blue wedges and sound a warning to communities who oppose this government’s expansionist plans

Demands from Planning Backlash Rally - July 6, 2008


In the Planning Policy of the Labor Party in 1999 Mr. Bracks promised to....
give Victorians back their voice and influence over decisions that affect their lifestyles.

Speech by TONY RECSEI - Planning Backlash Rally


July 6 - Moonee Ponds - ClockTower Hall

Planning Backlash meeting.      Clocktower.  Mooney Ponds
Melbourne  6 July 2008

I am most honoured to have been invited to be back in your beautiful city   But I am very concerned regarding just how long it will remain beautiful.  It appears that here, as in NSW there are politicians and bureaucrats who are doing their utmost to destroy our unique Australian way of life.  In every society there seems to be a group of people who can be best described as dictatorial meddlers.

Planning Backlash Rally Report - "A Great Success"

Planning Backlash Public Meeting - Moonee Ponds Clocktower Hall - July 6, 2008

WELCOME       Rod Quantock / Mary Drost   - MC's

  • Planning Minister Justin Madden (had family  commitments but we are still a little hopeful)
  • Matthew Guy (Shadow Planning Minister) (overseas)
  • Peter Kavanagh (DLP)(country commitments)
  • Paul Mees (previously Melb Uni. Now RMIT & thorn in government's side )- (Interstate)
  • Claude Ullin - Mayor of Stonnington

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Geoffrey Rush to the barricades over planning laws

Geraldine Mitchell  July 04, 2008 12:00am,21985,23964684-2862,00.html

OSCAR-winner Geoffrey Rush will join more than a hundred activist groups to declare war on the State Government's changes to planning laws at a rally on Sunday.

Planning a better designed city

Royce Millar May 5, 2008

IT WAS 2002 when the idea of commercial development on the car park at Camberwell Station in Melbourne's inner east began to gather steam. That same year, then premier Steve Bracks vowed to "stop" urban sprawl, build the city up rather than out, reduce its car dependence and make it more affordable.

'Big picture' metro planning authority possible

Royce Millar and Jason Dowling May 5, 2008

FRUSTRATION over the continuing sprawl of Melbourne's suburbs and lack of progress in providing public transport have led to mounting pressure for a new authority to guide the city's future.

The need for a new plan

Royce Millar May 5, 2008

SIX YEARS ago, then Premier Steve Bracks acknowledged that Melbourne faced big challenges. A decision was needed about the direction of the city. After community consultation, his government made that decision.

A better connected city

Sushi Das May 5, 2008

IF MELBOURNE 2030 provided a road map for the city's transport future, then five years into the journey we already appear to be lost.

The trouble is that the map no longer matches the landscape.

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