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City's inclusion in plan questioned

Peter Begg 22May08

A PEAK local government body is demanding to know why Geelong was included in an audit of Melbourne 2030 when the council was never part of the strategy.

The move comes as Geelong Mayor Bruce Harwood yesterday rejected the need for the State Government's new planning partnership in the city.

Anger over Govt power grab on planning

Residents are fighting against this kind of proposed development for Camberwell. (Supplied)

Audio: Planning Minister Justin Madden talks to Ali Moore about the shopping strip changes. (ABC News) Map: Camberwell 3124
 The Victorian Government is taking some planning powers away from local councils in response to an audit which was critical of the Melbourne 2030 Planning Strategy.

Brumby defends planning changes
John Brumby says the changes will increase housing stocks.  The Victorian Government is defending its decision to reduce local councils' power over planning decisions.

The Government says the changes will see more housing developed in Melbourne's inner and middle suburbs.

An audit of the planning strategy, Melbourne 2030, found the Government was making slow progress in curbing the urban sprawl.

Blast over planning blueprint

Ashley Gardiner  May 22, 2008 12:00am,21985,23738205-2862,00.html
THE State Government has copped a blast from its own review team for failing to enact its planning blueprint Melbourne 2030.

A panel of experts headed by Rob Moodie found the five-year-old policy had not failed, rather it had not been fully implemented.

State strips council powers
Royce Millar  May 21, 2008

COUNCILS are to be stripped of planning power over key shopping and commercial hubs including Camberwell, Preston and Doncaster as part of a State Government bid to salvage its Melbourne 2030 strategy to slow urban sprawl.

Rush wants Melbourne to be seen as 'art'
May 21, 2008 - 6:07PM

Actor Geoffrey Rush has urged the Victorian government to think of Melbourne as an artwork to be preserved, after it announced changes to planning laws he fears will give developers "open slather."

2030: Gridlock

I SEE the decision to transfer planning functions from councils to the State Government as just a method to push through unpopular and poorly conceived policy. The existing infrastructure at targeted sites such as Camberwell is simply inadequate to take high-density development — a cornerstone of 2030. Try driving there now. It's a joke.

The Quality of Sprawl

The Quality of Sprawl

Vancouver City Planning Process

Vancouver City Planning Process

Dogs are going to be banned

Rumours are flying around the RSPCA and the Dispute Settlement Centre  and the EPA that dogs are going to be banned in suburban areas of Victoria by a new Act of Parliament due to the urban consolidation policy of Melbourne 2030.   With increased density of living in Victoria and becoming much denser by 2030, neighbours will not tolerate dogs as close neighbours and  there will be  no gardens for them to perform their natural functions.      So dogs will soon be a pet of the past and legal only on farming prop

Developments that have received permits but which have not commenced

The 3068 Group of Clifton Hill wants to compile a list of large or medium density developments that have received permits but which have not commenced There are a number in Yarra, eg the Cheese Grater and the Banco on Smith Street. If you know of any where the permit is at least a year old, and no building has started. please let us know.

Mitcham Twin Towers

The Mitcham Twin Towers 18 storeys next to Mitcham Station
Permit issued by Whitehorse Council  ?  2006  ?
Still not commenced and up for sale.
Reason -   flats would be too expensive to sell in Mitcham as a house and garden there is cheaper than they could build the flats for.

City of Vancouver, Canada CityPlan Public Process

Mary: I would like to ask you some questions about Vancouver’s method of community consultation.

Ann McAfee Response: My response will focus on the City of Vancouver, rather than Metro Vancouver, – since I am most familiar with the City and it is the City of Vancouver which has won awards for public consultation.

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