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Port of Hastings under Threat.

Time we stopped this rapid  growth of the population before we degrade our lifestyle any further.      

What's happened to the beach at Portsea?


Calm day, big swell, no beach, Portsea. Pic. K. Graddy 30 April 2010

Centralized planning

Again this push for centralized planning.   It is being done anyway by stealth by Maddens department.   The real plan is to get total control and   sideline not only councils but the people. 


News re the Supreme Court Judgement on Bastion Point versus Madden

The judgement of Friends of Mallacoota vs Minister for Planning and Anor was handed down on 27 May 2010 by Justice Osborn at the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Whilst the outcome was not in our favour, we feel we won a moral victory on numerous grounds. The Justice found that there was no evidence that the Panel's assessment was other than a careful, fair and balanced evaluation.


Title Wind farms: guidelines
Activity Questions without Notice
Date 27 May 2010
Page 34

Save the Windsor

The Battle to Save the Windsor   goes on.
The owners want still more and are taking Heritage Victoria to VCAT and Madden is trying to stop National Trust taking him to VCAT. 

Save Williamstown Public Funeral for Democracy

Series of slides of the Public Funeral protesting the undemocratic way Minister Madden had rezoned the Former Port Phillip Woollen Mill Site

Behind-closed-doors planning procedures.

When is a Hearing NOT a Hearing?

When Minister Madden meets with the Developers and then calls in an appalling  application for 39 storeys in the middle of the traffic jam that is Box Hill Station and then he gives it to a Panel - read on. . .

Maddens call ins - LET'S START A COUNT...

Minister Madden Interferes Again - this time it's a Wind Farm     
The proposed Yaloak wind farm has already been subject to a planning panel and the panel recommended against it in order to protect Wedge-tailed Eagles. 
The then Minister for Planning accepted the panel report but later, in an interview on Stateline, encouraged a new submission suggesting there may be a different outcome.
ABC Stateline 7 April 2006

Orwellian manipulation at its worst.

Hi SOS Members
I have just returned today from being an invited  panel participant in an elaborate Council run "consultation" of the Warringah community on the residential planning of that area.  I had been invited to provide an alternative viewpoint to that of developers and planners.
640 delegates were registered to attend, of whom 500 had been selected from the community.  They were told that the State Government has decreed that 10,300 new dwellings have to go into the council area.  It is up to Warringah Council to determine how this is to be done and the consultation was to help the Council ascertain what the community feels about various possibilities.


The Impact of Mass Immigration on Canadian and Global Overpopulation

In the following interview, Dr. Madeline Weld, President of the Population Institute of Canada, presents an excellent summary of the negative ecological impact of mass immigration to Canada, and its economic rationale.

Population: The Big Issue

Treasury's most recent Intergenerational Report anticipates that Australia's population will reach 36 million by 2050. Melbourne is Australia's fastest growing city, and on track to overtake Sydney, its population almost doubling to between 7 and 8 million people by mid century. So Melbourne is an appropriate place to debate the pros and cons of rapid population growth.

This is an edited broadcast of a public forum held at Melbourne's Federation Square on April 22 2010. The event was organised by the City of Melbourne as part of its free Melbourne Conversations program and supported by Future Leaders.

A Slightly Skeptical Perspective on "Smart" Growth: It's Necessary, but Not Sufficient

  Three years ago, Jack Marshall of the U.S.  wrote the following paper, which is posted at , pointing out some of the limitations of “Smart Growth.”

A Slightly Skeptical Perspective on "Smart" Growth: It's Necessary, but Not Sufficient

Jack Marshall, President, Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population (ASAP)

Published in Population Press, Spring 2007 (Vol. 13, Number 1)

Local Councils will be allowed to decide if they should have windfarms in their area under the Opposition's policy

Those concerned about windfarms will be delighted by the Opposition's statement that they will give planning power back to Councils to make decisions about windfarms in their area, instead of the decision being made by the Planning Department and Minister Madden 

The subject of this New Geography article is how state government high-density policies cause this excessive housing cost.

Save Our Suburbs has another article in the prestigious international New Geography publication.  Many Australians are most concerned about just how their children and grandchildren will ever be able to afford to buy a house, even with both partners working in good jobs.  They will be doomed to be perpetual renters of a box in the sky as the Great Australian Aspiration of owning a family home with a backyard fades for ever from their dreams.   


The following speech by the former editor of The Canberra Times, Crispin Hull, was given last week to a public meeting of the Canberra Branch of Sustainable Population Australia.

In it Hull gives a thoughtful account of how the Australian government's "spin-doctors" (media manipulators) lost control of the population debate over the past year and a half.  He also describes how  the Australian media (which had previously treated population as a side-issue or a non-issue) came to treat it as a major public issue. In explaining these changes he coins the phrase
"the trickle across effect".

It's a story that should offer hope --and some useful precedents --  to population-campaigners in the USA, Canada, UK and NZ.

ONE of the encouraging things about Australian democracy is that governments very often make worthwhile changes. They get it right. From seat-belts to exchange-rate deregulation and from freedom of information to motor-vehicle standards. The list goes on.

The following is from Ottawa Canada. Interesting to see they have the same problems as Melbourne and the same root causes.

Brilliant letter Madeline! Replace the words "Ottawa" or "Kanata" with the words "Melbourne", or "Denver" or "Vancouver" or any of 500 cities in the world of equivalent population levels  juxtaposed to habitats deemed expendable to further development and your article could be seen as a template for universal frustrations. I particularly satisfied that your analysis do not follow the standard soft green route of demonizing developers to the exclusion of so many of their collaborators. If only people would follow the money trail, they would discover that there are many fingers in the pie. Those who present themselves as public defenders while on the corporate take surely warrant more odium than those whose declared mission after all, is to generate profits.

Tim Murrray



Three pieces of positive news from the most recent newsletter of the Population Institute of Canada

The Center for Biological Diversity joins the effort to slow population growth
The Center for Biological Diversity is distributing 100,000 endangered species condoms in 50 states to highlight how unsustainable human population growth is driving species extinction at a cataclysmic rate. The species depicted on the condoms are the polar bear, the snail darter (fish), the spotted owl, the American burying beetle, the jaguar, and the coquí guajón rock frog. The condoms also have clever slogans (eg., Hump smarter, save the snail darter; Cover your tweedle, save the burying beetle; Wear a jimmy hat, save the big cat). You can learn more about the Center for Biological Diversity's efforts here <>.

Save the Children addresses population



Issues covered in this 17 May edition include:

·         Feedback needed on draft report into local government regulation

Madden Approves Another Skyscraper.

This is becoming almost a daily event.  
Finally it seems  the Melbourne City Council  are sick of it.  
This is a monster in Southbank.

VCAT Major Cases List and Short Cases List

Attached is a document  outlining  the tight schedule that will be applied to VCAT Major Cases List and Short Cases List from 3 May 2010 

The document was prepared by Tamara Brezzi (Partner) of  Norton Rose Australia.

The Senate recognises the Australian Constitution was drafted at the Windsor Hotel, Melbourne

Bob Brown spoke at the Windsor Rally and promised he would make the situation known in Canberra.
He presented the following Notice of Motion 11 May and it was passed the next day in the Senate.
Both the State and Federal Governments must be persuaded to recognize the national heritage value of the Windsor, and Madden's approval must be withdrawn.      

11   May 2010

Population growth: What's desirable and sustainable and what is inevitable?

In this "conversation"  compered by Peter Mares, the big end of town's view was represented by Marcus Spiller and (in part) Saul Eslake, and the environmental/citizen's  side by Mark O'Connor and Chuck Berger of the ACF, plus a speech from the floor by Mary Drost of Planning Backlash. 
The video of the Conversation is now online on Slow TV. 

(and a shorter link to the same address:)

And  on Radio National ---

Peter Mares writes

News from Moreland! and the Rally in Coburg

The North out in protest.    

Whether it be north, south, east or west people don't want high rise forced into their residential areas.   

Vancouver says high rise should be in Docklands or the City,  not superimposed into existing suburbs where you must have a friendly face to the street - high rise is not friendly.


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