Government and Developers want 50% high density, but only7% of people
want to live in flats.
We dont want this in Melbourne - the Government must listen or go.

SOS Members

Under its Metrostrategy the NSW Government plans to force high-rise
onto communities so that 50% of dwellings will be high-density.  This
is in spite of the fact that surveys show only 7% of Sydneysiders
would like to live in high-rise.

Last year I attended a Kensington/West Kingsford community precinct
meeting which was addressed by the local member and then Minister of
Planning, Kristina Keneally.  The community was objecting to some huge
high-rise developments that were being planned and gave existing
Waterloo high-rise towers, known to many as "suicide towers", as
examples of what they do not want.  Ms Keneally however said these
towers are wonderful developments and that she personally knows many
residents there who are very happy and would not change that style of
living for anything else.

A story by Josephine Tovey in today's Sydney Morning Herald (29 July
2010) paints a somewhat different picture.  Click on


to read about drug sellers and prostitutes becoming such a problem
that concierges and security gates are needed in these high-density

What they call "Smart Growth" is more likely to turn out to be "Dumb
Slums".  But of course it does not matter what the people want - the
Government knows best, especially when fortified by developer

Yours sincerely

Tony Recsei


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