Help Save Dimmeys from an eleven storey tower.

  This is an Icon in Melbourne and should be protected.

Heritage Victoria shamefully approved the tower.
Help put pressure on the Yarra Council to reject it.   
Save Dimmeys
Yarra Council receives planning application for Dimmeys
Feedback to be sought on Dimmeys proposal


Council posted on its website earlier today, 1st October 2010, news that an application had been made from the developer.



Developer, Richmond Icon Pty Ltd has now applied for a planning permit for a residential development, involving an 11 Storey Tower on the South-West corner of the site.

Yarra Council is seeking more information from the developer, and will conduct a Public Information Session soon. In August, Heritage Victoria issued a permit for the 11-storey redevelopment. The applicant was required to apply for a permit from Heritage Victoria (as well as from Council) because the Dimmeys building is on the Victorian Heritage Register.

The Public Exhibition period will be for 28 days. People will be able to make submissions to Council and comment on the proposed development.


More information will be emailed, when we know the full details of the application.
Rocks from Dimmeys Roof

Earlier this evening I mentioned about rocks being thrown from the roof of Dimmeys building at the rear. Since that email went out, residents in the area have reported that this is not the first incident. One resident stated that two people were spotted, and were also throwing at the vehicles causing damage.

Allan Harris
Save Dimmeys
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