If our State Governments had had the foresight of Melbourne;s founding fathers and had kept the central square mile of Melbourne with all its grand 19th century buildings surrounded by world class parks and gardens, Melbourne would have been the greatest Victorian city in the world.  People would have come from everywhere to see it, the way people flock to Paris and Rome and Amsterdam and Vienna and so on.
But now, and even though we have Heritage controls the city is let down completely by a shortsighted Planning Department and a  Heritage Victoria that  is part of the Planning department and does the Departments bidding.   As a result one by one the grand old buildings are erased or built over and above.
Visit the top famous hotels  in Paris.   Similar size and age as the Windsor.   Not a glass tower anywhere.  Such a crime in Paris would call for the guillotine.   Those hotels are stunning, heavily used and admired.
Damien Codognotto is absolutely right, the Windsor Hotel development approved by Madden and Heritage Vic is a betrayal of the city (AGe  2 Oct).      Mr Madden , we all feel betrayed and can find no justification for your action.