Bastion Fight Comes to Inner-City Marginal Seats



Bastion Fight Comes to Inner-City Marginal Seats
With the application to build the breakwater now with Gavin Jennings, we are bringing the battle to the inner-city marginal seats, by beginning our sticker campaign, and by advertising in the Melbourne Times. Please assist with our three current actions below, and send this email on to three of your friends.
Action 1. Car Stickers
We believe it is vital to get as many stickers on cars around Melbourne and East Gippsland as possible. We have done a large run of Mallacoota printmaker Geoff Coles ‘Save Bastion Point!’ stickers.
We are asking you to please put stickers on your cars (and your friends’ cars!) if you haven’t already done so. If you live in, or drive through, any of the marginal seats (Richmond, Melbourne, Brunswick, Northcote), the more the better!
Please obtain stickers by emailing and they will be sent to you, or they are available to pick up from VNPA at Level 3, 60 Leicester St, Carlton. They are free, but of course any donations via our website to cover costs would be greatly appreciated.
Action 2. Lobby Local Members of Parliament
Please keep up pressure on your local member – especially if you live in one of the marginal seats listed above. The Labor Government is very concerned about losing these seats in the forthcoming election – so let them know that Bastion Point is a voting issue!
Action 3. Write to Minister Pallas
We have heard that a lot of the drive for this project is coming from Minister Pallas. We are therefore asking supporters to concentrate letter/email writing to him over the next few weeks. You can find his contact details and some points you may wish to include in your letters here.
Melbourne Times Advertisement and Other Action
Please see our Melbourne Times advertisement of Wednesday 27 October, and our Media Release
We will be running our stall at Mallacoota Market on Sat 30 October – please call in and see us if you are in town!
Thanks for your ongoing support to Save Bastion Point! Don’t hesitate to be in touch if you require further information or have any queries on .
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