Have not heard of anyone standing as yet, but this could be for the future.   When will the major parties see that people dont want continual growth to destroy quality of life in cities.



Newsletter, 29 Oct 2010
After much hard work the Stable Population Party was registered by the Australian Electoral Commission on 23 September 2010. Here is the link to the official party registration decision by the AEC:
Since our registration, we have continued activities on a number of fronts. Here is a snapshot:
National Coordinator
We raised sufficient funds to employ a part time national coordiator for an initial period of three months. We are currently advertising and have a few candidates lined up for interviews. Our job ad on Seek can be found via our home page.
WA meeting - 27 November 2010
WA member John Banks is organising an informal gathering of local Stable Population Party members and guests on 27 November at the Captain Stirling Hotel in Claremont. The gathering is an opportunity to discuss population issues and meet fellow members over a drink at 12pm, with lunch optional from 1pm. Please reply to this newsletter if you need further details.
Overloading Australia - 4th Edition
The 4th edition of Overloading Australia: How governments and media dither and deny on population by Mark O'Connor and William Lines is now available. This book helped inspire the launch of our party.
The book is a major calling card for the population movement, and a handbook not only of positive arguments but of quick refutations for the various cop-outs and counter-arguments one hears about 'labour shortages', the 'ageing crisis', etc. It is a real myth-buster.
Copies of the new 4th edition are now available by mail-order within Australia -- still at $20, including postage.
If you would like to buy a copy, click through the ' Overloading Australia' link in our website and scroll down to 'order your copy':
Media publicity
We have been successful in generating ongoing publicity through various publications. For example, please click the links below:
Stable Population Party
the sustainable choice