This is what Premier Brumby has already done towards doubling Melbourne’s population :
• added Melbourne @ 5 million or is 7milliom or 8 million to
Melbourne 2030.
• Introduced government dominated Development Assessment Committees (DAC’s) to decide how much development in Activity Centres, taking our councils out of any decision making process.
• Continued ministerial intervention by stealth where the Minister
appoints a Planning Development Panel or an Advisory Committee
to advise him on proposals, removing council from any input.
• Introduced New Residential Zones to make intense development easier for the developers.
• Placed growth/economic development ahead of liveability. neighbourhood character, heritage and community wishes.
• ensured that VCAT follows his “compact city”concept as in set out in M2030
• Has a Minister who has sham community consultations (Windsor)
• Has a Minister who ignores community submissions, listening only to developers.
• Twice extended the Urban Growth Boundary after indicating no more extensions.

After the election, assuming Premier Brumby is re-elected :
• introduce a review of the planning act to ensure that (1).“ a person” (developer) can get the Minister to change a planning zone or protective overlay to facilitate development, (2)fast track planning permits (3) provide dubious criteria for “State Significant Development”.
• Enforce councils to accept population targets to accommodate more people in their municipality.
• Continue to support the process where “Social housing” and school projects do not require a planning permit.

The aim is to double Melbourne’s population in the next 40 years
• by encouraging Federal support for Victoria to get more than its normal share of migrants
• continue to advertise on the internet that Victoria (and Melbourne)
is the place to migrate to and provide information on how to go about it.