Save our city

THE author of the letter ''Move on, naysayers'' should get some of her facts right. Geoffrey Rush has never talked about growing up in Melbourne. He grew up in Queensland and has lived in Melbourne for the past 22 years, long enough I think to give him the right to speak about Melbourne.
The comments about the authors of the opinion piece, ''Proof there's something rotten in our planning processes'' (28/8), are also way off. Mary Drost is certainly not Camberwell-centric or a ''nimby''. She networks constantly with more than 150 community and residents groups across Melbourne and Victoria and knows of the angst that communities all over the state are suffering from this government's appalling planning policies. Mary just happens to live in Camberwell, as Sonia Rutherford, who has been active for many years with the Broadmeadows Progress Association, just happens to live in Broadmeadows.
The media has over the past few weeks covered numerous stories of communities in all parts of Melbourne battling to stop massive developments. It is clear something is seriously wrong with our planning policies.
More and more, the powers of council and the rights of the community in having a say in how our city should look are being eroded.
It's time the community united, rallied, marched and sat in front of the bulldozers to force a total review of this rotten system before what's left of ''Beautiful Melbourne'' is lost forever.