The NSW Electoral Commission has approved the change of name of the Save Our Suburbs party to Save Our State. This comes at a most opportune time in NSW politics.

“We can no longer ignore the shocking incompetence, sleaze and corruption shown by

the New South Wales Government. In the past the Save Our Suburbs party has
advocated sustainable development that accords with community wishes. It has
fought the malign influence of the political donations culture. Now its expanded
aspiration will be to clean up politics in New South Wales. To accord with this new
objective the name of the Party has been changed to Save Our State. This change
has been approved by the New South Wales Electoral Commission” Dr Recsei
He declared “The public are sick and tired of the superficial antics of the major
parties. The Save Our State party will offer a new alternative in politics. Its new
program will strive for:
• An end to corruption and government incompetence
• Independence of the public service from party political pressure
• Government process to be characterized by integrity, objectivity and
• Decision making to be democratic, open and transparent
• Government to listen to and consult with communities”
Save Our State Party (SOS)
Email: 76 Ryde Road Pymble NSW 2073 Australia
Postal Address: PO Box 492 NSW 2076 Telephone 02 94872061 or 02 94985648
Dr Recsei added: “To further these aims the Save Our State party will actively
recruit candidates for the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council who have a
record of genuine support for these principles. A party organization provides the
best means of ensuring the necessary unity of purpose and continuity required for
long term political effectiveness, The Save Our State party will offer a real
alternative on the New South Wales party political landscape.”
Dr Tony Recsei
Phone: 02 9487 2061
Sydney, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA