Do you want this vision for Sydney or Melbourne?

Does Maxine McKew know what it is like living in mega cities like Mumbai and Jakarta? Very obviously not!
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The massive reaction to Maxine McKew's opinion piece is most encouraging. This shows that the forcing of high-density into our suburbs is rising fast in the public consciousness.

Read what Charles Purcell has to say on ‘Crowded Sydney’,

Mark O'Connor (whose website is ) writes:

Maxine McKew is a genius, and she has brightened my day.

There was I, depressed by the way high-rise is choking the suburbs, creating traffic jams and leaving an obese Sydney at the mercy of peak oil and economic downturns. Then Maxine suggested we could just call these things by good names like "vibrant" and "bustling". She also pointed out that how seriously you take such threats might depend on whether you are an optimist or pessimist, and no one wants to be a pessimist, so -- hey, problem solved! In fact this creative logic would remove any problem one might face. How come this girl didn't make prime Minister?

I was also troubled by the way ordinary folk's concerns are shouted down by all those fronts through which the growth lobby ventriloquises. All those foundations, institutes, think tanks, urban task forces, committees "for" this city or that, and so on, all demanding growth at all costs. Once again, Maxine solves the problem at a stroke. What we really need, she says, is not less but more persons able to, in her words "spruik the benefits" of density. Quite right. Who wants to listen to ordinary electors -- that pack of whingers always out to maintain their quality of life?
No wonder the voters of Bennalong kicked her out!

Tony Recsei

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