Coalition on notice on population growth

FINALLY someone in the state Labor opposition has faced up to why it lost the election (''Melbourne growth got away from us'', The Age, 18/3).

The rapid population growth that, as premier, John Brumby promoted and revelled in brought him down. He mistakenly thought that by packing people in around public transport corridors and pushing Melbourne ever further outwards without putting in more infrastructure, he could go on forever overcrowding us.

He was wrong. If you increase the population you have to also increase the infrastructure by the same amount otherwise you end up with overcrowded roads and trains and schools and hospitals and pressure on electricity and water and sewerage.

Because of John Brumby we have 20 per cent more people and a corresponding deficiency in infrastructure. The Coalition government is well advised to take note and slow down the growth until they catch up with infrastructure, or they will suffer the same fate.

Mary Drost, Planning Backlash, CAmberwell