More dense population = more danger from natural events. How dense are you ?

Below is something out of left field

Being an avid viewer of History Channel on Foxtel, tonight watched a program on earthquakes.

It was making a huge deal that the major earthquakes of the early 1900's and the more recent earthquakes since last Christmas (Japan tsunami, Christchurch, Chile volcano* and last year Haiti), that a HUGE factor is that the earth population has nearly doubled since 1960. Not only does the planet need to feed, cloth and find shelter for the population but as we occupy more land some of the higher population densities mean more people in less space and if there was an earthquake, WHAMO - fatalities on an unimaginable scale.

This almost makes climate change minor.

The old known fault lines are moving and previously safe areas are now suspect.  So new major population areas can fall prey  to earthquakes.

The MORE population density, the greater the chance of fatalities.

Perhaps when having speakers against population change a geologist could be invited along?

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