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Age  29 November 2011  
Major city parks face destruction
KEN Davidson raises the astronomical costs of the east-west link compared with building the Doncaster rail link and the fact that it would create mayhem in the city (Comment, 28/11). The government should also be considering not just the economics of freeways but their environmental and social costs.
Sir Rod Eddington's freeway/tollway-in-a-tunnel would effectively destroy three major parks in Parkville, Kensington and Travancore plus heritage streetscapes in inner Melbourne.
The ''cut and cover'' tunnel (cut now, cover in five years) if constructed as proposed through Royal Park would bulldoze its way through passive recreation areas used by the children attending Anzac Hall camp; sports fields; underground water storage areas; and the wetland. It would also impinge on the zoo and the State Netball and Hockey Centre, which would have a monster tunnel junction on its doorstop. Hands off Royal Park.
Paul Leitinger, Royal Park Protection Group, Parkville