Small things build to large catastrophes


Surprise  surprise.  It is official.  What we have been saying for years.   The Bracks/Brumby government brought in a million people and kept telling us to pack in close together as there was plenty of infrastructure  when we shouted to deaf ears that all infrastructure  was overstretched.    The new government has  hardly done anything with it, and I hear it is because they have no money and now  they say they will have to ask the Feds.   Wonder if the Feds have any money either.    Meanwhile keep bringing in more people  and making things worse all the time.    This week, areas of Hawthorn  had no water because of the pipes being so old and overloaded.   At Camberwell  Junction after heavy rain you can smell sewer  because the sewer lines  are overloaded.  Well we know about the hospitals and the schools  not to mention the roads and the public transport.
On the news ABC 24 this morning there is talk of Campbell Neuman ? QLd having strange communications with planning and developers.

Not relevant to Melbourne but does that sound like it might be true ?   

Of course something like that could never happen here  -   well could it???
Shucks, we need to increase immigration significantly and move everyone in Australia to Melbourne so we can take our rightful place as number 1 in the world
Now  that is a great idea    what a great city we would have   mind you we would not then be the most liveable  but we would be the biggest.
Great letter in the Age today   and so our city is being ruined  building by buildng 
Everything goes
THE proposed development in Wills Street in the city (''Residents' balconies would be enclosed in '100m hole''', The Age, 28/2) is an alarming example of just how far the current spate of runaway development has gone. The proposed 32-storey tower in a narrow CBD street will dwarf surrounding buildings, block out natural light and air from balconies of an adjoining building, enclosing them effectively in a 20-storey shaft. Such are the rules for development in the CBD, it appears almost anything goes. Our environment and amenity, not to mention our heritage, are being plundered. How long will we continue to allow developers to dictate planning policy?
Dennis O'Connell, Montmorency