ANOTHER ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. It sounds like below third world standards.

VCAT have, unusually, overturned one their own permits.
However, in this case, not for the better.  Originally, ignoring the objections of the council and residents, VCAT approved 24 story building in a 7.5 metre wide lane now they've overturned that decision and replaced it with a 32 story building - in a laneway 7.5 metres wide.
Not only that, the Tribunal approved the building having windows right to neighbouring property boundaries - acknowledging that this only source of light and air for some apartments and could be built out.
It will, however, afford a nice view of the neighbours with only 7.5 metres between the windows of the apartments in this building and the windows of the nearest apartment across the lane.

 Note that as this was an appeal, residents and existing building owners were not permitted to make any submissions or informed of the hearing.

What has happened to democracy  because it does not exist in VCAT