The Rezoning of Land on the Outskirts of Melbourne

These letters about it in the Age  spell it out.
Of course the biggest mistake is to keep immigration at such high levels  and the Federal government made it clear they  are increasing the numbers.
However, figures in Melbourne show that there is too much being built and  it cant be sold.
The developers are undeterred and push for even more land to develope as time goes by and the government have given in to them.
The worst feature  is the building on good farm and market garden land -  we are going to  regret this down the track  as food prices go up and you see more imported food in the supermarket.   Start reading the labels.
The fact is that we dont want to go up and we dont want to go out -  solution is to slow migration down to a sustainable number and then we will all be happy, because we are not happy now.