Kelvin Thomson on gloomy high-rise

Great letter by Kelvin Thomson on battery kids  versus free range kids:
THE article ''Chasing the sun among high-rises a heated issue'' (20/5) raises very important issues about Melbourne's headlong rush to high-rise.

The loss of sunlight is a very important point. As is the fact that high-density high-rise buildings have big carbon footprints, consume more energy, generate more pollution and detract public amenity through the large shadows they cast. The proliferation of high-rise development is threatening not only our environment, but also our social fabric.

I am a fan of the suburban backyard. I believe children who grow up in concrete jungles are subject to more bullying and are more vulnerable to traps such as crime and drugs. What do you call a kid in a backyard? A free range kid. I think free range kids have a better time of it than battery kids. The more high-rise developments that are shoved down the throats of local communities, the more our communities will be suffocated.

KELVIN THOMSON, MP, Federal Member for Wills

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