Letter to the Editor - Drost

Very enlightening to see State Shadow Planning Minister Brian Tee in the Age Business section on the 13th telling us what we already suspected that if he gets back into Government they will simply keep going with their hated and failed Melboune 2030 plan together with Melbourne @5 million, which was so unpopular across Melbourne that it helped bring down the Brumby Government. It does fit in with a speech I heard Brian Tee give in parliament that he was proud to belong to the party that brought in Melbourne 2030.

Remember that it involves cramming more high rise high density at railway stations and along and near all transport routes as well as developments dotted through the whole of suburbia and being opposed by all communities. He also mentions that they will keep the extended Urban Growth Boundary.

By comparison Planning Minister Matthew Guy has announced policies that would give the suburban residential areas the protection from this opportunistic over development that we have all been pleading for. There will be of course some amendments that we require to satisfy we residents and the councils and I am confident that we will get what we want. The Minister has given one of our organisation a place on the Review Committee which makes it all very transparent.

Mary Drost Convenor Planning Backlash Inc Camberwell