Follow-up on "A new real vision for Melbourne needed - Immigration numbers and lack of jobs........."

From the Australian on Birrell ‘s study and thoughts and figures from Jack Roach of BRAG. No wonder we are being built out.


on Professor Birrell’s paper  - The real number of new arrivals for 2011-2012 is 697,315 according to the Immigration Department’s annual report :

Working Holiday visas 222,992

Student Visas                254,166

457 Visas                       125,070

Other (mainly skilled)     77,087

These figures do not include New Zealanders who do not need a visa to work here so the total could be close to 1 million all needing accommodation.

If we add the 210, 000 who come here as migrants then the total is well over 1 million for 2011-2012.

These figures do not take into account the number of overseas investors who purchase houses or apartments –  It all adds up to  pressure on our housing market.

and puts real pressure on current Australians and school leavers looking for work.

Talk about a BIG AUSTRALIA.

All too often the immigration numbers are confusing. The other day I heard one planning commentator say that currently we are only taking in about 70,000 per annum. WRONG!

To try and find out by going to the internet does not help much , it only adds to the confusion. Australia really does not have an immigration target, we talk about “settings” which change constantly.

And to add to the confusion, the raw figures do not reveal the true picture because we have so many ways in which people come to this country – temporary visa holders, tourists, students, so called skilled

workers(457 Visas)refugees, genuine immigrants  etc. The reality is that these newcomers to Australia all need accommodation in one form or another and this is what drives the development /building and

construction industry. The current immigration “setting” is a record 210,000 – see highlight below.

The growth industry pushes immigration to feed economic growth and, in Victoria, a very large part of our economic growth depends upon building houses, apartments etc. The problem with this is that when

housing starts fall ( as currently) then the development industry pushes for more immigrants to feed the building and construction industry. BUT, and it’s a big but, this is just a Ponzi scheme.

Professor Bob Birrell, from Monash University, Centre for Population & Urban Research  is about to release a paper on the need to overhaul our immigration program. We reproduce the media release below

because it has relevance to our response to the Planning Minister’s recent announced new plan for Melbourne. The publication “Melbourne, let’s talk about the future” which is produced by the Minister’s Advisory Committee

talks about the growing population and looks at ways to respond. BUT, it does not go anywhere near dealing with the elephant in the room by suggesting we reduce immigration. WHY?

It is time for a new vision, not a rehash of what has already failed.

Jack Roach