BRAG Survey - Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Strategy

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The Minister for Planning has formed a Ministerial Advisory Committee to look at a new planning strategy for Melbourne to replace Melbourne 2030 and Melbourne@5million. The new planning blueprint will be designed for the next 30 to 40 years and will affect all of us, you, your children and grandchildren, everyone. So it will be important for you to have some involvement in the planning process rather than leaving it to the planning experts. The Minister is very keen to have input from the residents of Melbourne and has asked us to organize Group Leaders from similar community groups to BRAG,from right across Melbourne, to consult with their local residents and submit their responses for inclusion in the Committees deliberations.This is a marked difference from the way Melbourne 2030 was created when residents were not afforded the opportunity to have input into that disastrous planning strategy.

We are asking for residents and the general public to have their say and have provided a survey for completion online . You may choose to complete the whole survey or just respond to the questions of your choice. Alternatively you may download it and complete it by hand and send it back to BRAG at P.O.Box 1034 Camberwell 3214.
Confidentiality is guaranteed but if you wish to include your name you may do so.The completed surveys will be delivered to the Minister and his Committee unedited.
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To print the survey and complete by hand download the attachment.