Camberwell Station: Flat roofed box on the middle platform

The plan is a flat roofed box on the middle platform at the Burke Road end. and is unsuitable for our heritage Station. “The first thing you will see from the bridge.

To let you know that I went to the council and looked at the plan for this box. I do not agree at all with it being plonked on the platform. It is a big square flat roofed box and not suitable at all on our heritage station platform. It should assume something like the style and colour of the platform building. I am going to put in an objection and I am also going to let Ted know that it is not good And they will be putting it where it is the first thing you will see from the Burke Road bridge. If it was way down the other end would not be so bad but there it is terribly visible.

It is a substantial modern box on the platform past the kiosk. Obviously like in Russia with their dreadful apartment buildings, they have one architect to draw one design to be plonked on every station regardless of the style of station. Well it is not good enough and I urge you to send an objection in about the location and the style. Cant see why it cant be at the other end of the platform, more out of sight and be designed like the style of the station building and in the same brick work and roof.

If you want to make a comment to Council go to: Boroondara City Council, reference PP13/00028