Melbourne, let's talk about the future

On the 18th December 2012 Planning Backlash ran an information session for some community group leaders. About 30 Group Leaders, virtually one from each city attended, representing each part of Melbourne from the North, South, East & West.. The aim is to get them to organize information sessions in their own localities to gain input from residents on what they see as the issues that need to be addressed to enable Melbourne to cope with the rate of growth over the next forty years.

They all indicated they would consider the best ways to run the consultation program with a view to conducting public information sessions, interviews, surveys etc. We have been assured that the Minister for Planning will provide finance through his Ministerial Department to assist the groups. The objective is to get as much input from the residents and general public as we can, so that the final Melb. Metro.

Planning Strategy will reflect our views rather than just those of the planners and those with vested interests in development, as has been the case in the past. The Minister for Planning is very keen to get our input and will ensure that our input is treated seriously by the Ministerial Advisory Committee.

The proposed Community Consultations run by residents will take place in February.

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