"Urban Development Institute" admits population growth causes infrastructure shortfall

Sounds like our opponents in the Development Industry are prepared to run with this debate, even while admitting that the infrastructure costs of population growth are a major problem for them. The infrastructure cost per extra person in the population is at least $200,000 but may be much higher. Hence the effective bankruptcy of our state governments.

Note that this is a conference organised by and dominated by speakers from the development industry. UDIA is one of the many organisations through which the growth lobby speaks.  Their speakers are likely to conclude that population growth is inevitable, that developers cannot afford to pay for the extra infrastructure, and therefore the taxpayer must.

If only environmentalists could make this conference the target of a major demonstration we might finally wake up our sluggard media to this issue. Otherwise, the developers may well get their way and start a new push to cut the public service, sell off parklands and anything not nailed down, in order to pay for all  this essential infrastructure.

For counter views see:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelvin_Thomson (final section)

Mark O'Connor