Report on Briefing By the Minister of Planning

Report on Briefing By the Minister of Planning & the Chair of the Committee, Metropolitan Planning Strategy, Roz Hansen

We were very pleased that so many attended following our invitation, the room was full to overflowing.
The Minister outlined his thinking on the points raised in the “Melbourne, let’s talk about the future” document and stressed that it was an outline only and that he will be seeking input from community groups in the new year.
He said that we would be encouraged to run consultation sessions and that we could receive funding to do so. He was keen to have our views on what we want for the future of Melbourne. Roz Hansen followed with an outline of what the 9 Principles in the planning outline meant which included some motherhood statements but some of the points raised sounded quite good.
Both the Minister and Roz Hansen made it clear that this document is just the beginning and that the community’s input could result in many changes being made. It will be important that we give some thought to this issue
and find out what our various group members think in readiness for the consultative process.

Question time followed the two speakers and it was clear that population growth will be high on many groups’ agendas.

This Metro. Planning Strategy (MPS) will determine the future of Melbourne for the next 40 year period and it is critical that we get seriously involved in its formulation.
Some of the Points raised included :
• no population targets for councils
• infrastructure upgrades will be a high priority
• Upgrades on the city loop to provide 30% more capacity
• Establishing regional city centres ( a polycentric city linked to regional cities)
• Special protection for Mornington Peninsular, Macedon Ranges & Yarra Valley
• An emphasis on job creation closer to where we live ( Living locally – a 20 minute city”)
• Essential that the final plan has community ownership

We thank all those who attended the meeting, it was wonderful for the Minister and Roz Hansen to see such interest from our groups with many coming from afar
I thank you sincerely, because it will encourage the Minister and the Committee to take our input seriously.

You can download the planning document “Let’s Talk about the future” -– and click on Discussion Paper.