Child Hostile City

Tony Recsei of SOS Sydney talks about the number of child deaths in Sydney from high rise apartments.   Children are better off on the ground in a house and garden  where they can play safely.  We are getting it wrong  thanks to too  high numbers of migrants.

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For many years we have been voicing our concern about the tragic deaths of small children falling from apartment windows.  Press articles reveal  the authorities are at long last trying mandatory window locks to belatedly prevent this scourge.  Of course they are not tackling the basic problem – a scarcity of reasonably priced family-friendly single residential homes resulting from their ill-advised high-density policies.  We have issued the press release below.
15 March 2012
For immediate release
Government Policy Adversely Affects Child Upbringing
“New regulations mandating locks for apartment windows emphasise the disaster of government high-density planning policies” says Dr Tony Recsei. “Every week a child, frustrated by a lack of space in which to play, falls from an apartment window resulting in serious injury of death.”
Dr Recsei pointed out that the problem will escalate as by 2030 more than half of the population of NSW will live in a strata scheme.  He said: “Government policy of imposing high-density on communities reduces the choice of housing that the vast majority of people want – family friendly single-residential housing with a safe backyard for children’s recreation”.
“Units are not good for bringing up young children,” Dr Recsei said. “Research by the University of New South Wales reveals that there are poor health and parenting outcomes. Crawling and walking is being stymied due to space problems with very young children having little access to areas for meaningful activity. The research revealed that half of unit-dwellers would rather live in a house.  As more high-density is imposed onto communities this fraction of unwilling unit-dwellers will increase.”
Dr Recsei concluded “The government is creating a child-hostile city and I suggest a child-hostile city is a disaster for the future”.
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