NIMBY Developer objects to apartment project


 What delicious irony. A major developer joins forces with the head of Qantas to go to VCAT to fight a development they dont like next door to them in Walsh St South Yarra. Can you imagine the big guns that will be brought out. It will be a QC’s field day. Of course it no doubt is an overdevelopment, we have all gone through this in our own areas and been castigated as NIMBYS (not in my backyard) severely by developers and planners because we dared try to protect where we live. And here is a developer who is about it build a 25 storey tower not far away from his own street and he is a NIMBY too when it comes to his house. Well it is time he and his fellow developers had some respect for we the little people’s back yards. Of course I have been saying for years that I am a NIMBY and proud of it. I believe everyone is a NIMBY. Here is the proof. I rest my case.

Mary Drost Convenor Planning Backlash Inc