Public Transport versus Car use

Depends where you live so what nonsense that areas with no public transport could be been called Activity Centres under Melb 2030, which said use public transport Mary Car use has mushroomed since the figures below were released back in October 2007. 

The chart below showed; Manningham East and surrounding areas as third behind Mornington Peninsular and Geelong as the least users of public transport, Manningham East and surrounding areas as equal third among the highest car users, Despite all the promotional material of our shared bike/pedestrian routes, Manningham and surrounding areas were the second least likely to ride bicycles or walk, behind Melton/Wyndham

The steep gradients are an impediment to both walking and cycling, particularly in areas around Doncaster Hill which vary between 6 to 12%. Page 12, GTA Doncaster Hill Study, September 2002 attached

"The discouragement of car ownership is also important and can be achieved by reminding owners of the real cost of owning a car".

*The category of cars includes Taxis, Motor cycles and Scooters which might account for approx 4-5%