Reformed Residential Zones.

 PLANNING BACKLASH has been lobbying the Minister for Planning to protect our residential areas from unacceptable and opportunistic development and to return planning powers to our local councils.

We have worked with the Minister on these reforms and last Friday the Minister made a formal announcement on the subject (Refer to attached media release). In broad terms, the Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ) and General Residential zone (GRZ) will require new constructions to meet Council identified neighbourhood character requirements with mandatory height limits .

The chart shows details of all the new zones.

There is a need to get these changes through well before the next election because the opposition Planning Minister has said he is not supportive and will reintroduce Melbourne 2030 if elected.

This will allow for continuing the practice of “unlocking the capacity in established suburbs” resulting in more multi-storey and apartment development in residential streets and high-rise along transport corridors and main roads.