Letter to the editor: ROZ HANSON gets it wrong

FIRST THE ARTICLE WITH ROZ HANSON COMPLAINING ABOUT PLAN MELBOURNE BEING CHANGED FROM WHAT SHE PRODUCED.   Well it so happens that I did not agree with what she did,  it was just a different version of Melb 2030,  development in the  suburban areas, just what we have been fighting against for years.

We residents in the suburbs of Melbourne who have been following the various plans produced for the future of Melbourne are very thankful that the Planning Minister did not pursue the grand plan produced by Roz Hansen (wrong way go back Age 26th March)  as what she proposed was similar to the hated and failed Melbourne 2030 with a different name.  
She wanted to allow high rise and high density in our comfortable suburbs.   Well we dont want that, we want to protect what we love about our neighbourhoods and we hope that the New Residential Zones will do that.
Roz Hansen  thinks that the rapid increase of population because of increased migration is easily managed with  planning.  A growing number of us see population and stretched infrastructure as our biggest planning problem and look forward to the coming promised public debate between the Lord Mayor of  Melbourne  Robert Doyle  and the Federal Member for Coburg  Kelvin Thomson on the subject of population.   Date yet to be announced.  
Mary Drost