The Hon Kelvin Thomson MP
Federal Labor Member for Wills
Friday 28th March 2014
Victoria’s population grew in the twelve months to September 2013 by over 110,000, a higher number than any other state, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
This was part of Australia’s population growth in the year to September 2013 by over 405,000, another massive increase. At this rate of growth we will well and truly exceed the 36 million by 2050 referred to as Big Australia, which a clear majority of Australians have said they don’t want.
The 405,000 national increase came from net overseas migration of 241,000, and natural increase of 164,000. This in turn came from 310,000 births and 146,000 deaths. Our birth rate is more than twice our death rate. The demographers who have claimed for years that Australia’s numbers of births would fall, and that we need migration to maintain our population numbers, are wrong yet again.
I have founded a grassroots action group, Victoria First, to highlight the many impacts of rapid population growth – traffic congestion, overdevelopment, increasing utility bills and stress on local services.
Our next meeting will be this Saturday 29 March between 2 and 4pm at the Central Ringwood Community Centre, Bedford Park, Bedford Road Ringwood. Our guest speaker is Professor Michael Buxton of RMIT University, who will speak on the impact of Melbourne’s population growth on local communities. Professor Buxton has had a distinguished academic and government career, and is an acknowledged expert on Melbourne planning issues.
Melbourne’s eastern suburbs are feeling the consequences of rapid and unsustainable population growth first-hand. Growth in the outer suburbs has contributed greatly to Victoria’s recent growth spurt. The City of Maroondah is forecast to grow by over 15,000 people, from 110,000 in 2014, to over 125,000 by 2031.Unit sales in Ringwood increased by 11% just last year. Across the Ringwood Activity Centre there are 14 completed and 16 permits approved for large residential developments, representing 968 dwellings.
This high density development means more cars on local roads, more pressure on public facilities and open space, and a poorer quality of life for local residents.
Victoria First is a new not for profit NGO established to safeguard and enhance Victoria’s way of life. We are fighting to halt rapid population growth and over development, reduce traffic congestion, stop the increasing cost of council rates and rising utility bills, and seeking to protect Victoria’s unique animals and plants. I encourage residents to come along and join Victoria First, which is campaigning on the issues that matter to all residents and future generations. 

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