Melbourne set to double in 35 years and getting 24% of all migrants to Australia !!

We will double in 35 years  and we are still getting 24% of the migrants coming to Australia, as requested by Brumby.  Hard to believe that Napthine thinks it is great.  Time to tell him that we dont.  I think I will write to him and tell him.
Letter to the editor

What we have known for some time is official  -State’s Population Soars.  (Age 31 March)  The official figure now is 2% a year, which means that we will double in 35 years.   A frightening  prospect as we are already years behind with overloaded infrastructure, even our jails are overcrowded.   One wonders what our Premier is thinking as he seems very happy about it.  Doesn’t he realize what this overcrowding is doing to our quality of life and he does not have the money to do much to the present shortage, let alone double all infrastructure in 35 years.   Even former Premier Brumby thinks it is too high.  He should be reminded that he wanted it and asked the Feds for more than Victoria’s share of migrants, hence we get 24% of migrants, and that shows in the figures,  as we last year got 62,300 migrants into our city. Time to do what Premier Carr did in Sydney  -   tell the Feds that Melbourne is full.  

Mary Drost