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“Marvellous Melbourne” was a popular way to describe our city dating back to around 1880 when  Melbourne started to grow and develop into a major world city as a result of the gold rush.  The name is still in use today.  During this time Melbourne rapidly expanded  and the population increased to reach just short of 500,000 by 1890, pushing Melbourne to become the second largest city in the empire after London.  This fuelled a massive land boom and huge fortunes were made on speculation, leading business and politics to become notorious for manipulation and corruption. Sound familiar?  Rather than building high density apartment blocks like European cities, Melbourne expanded into the typical residential suburbs and leafy streetscapes we see today.
But in 1891 all this speculation and corruption resulted in a spectacular crash, with banks and businesses failing in large numbers.  Melbourne slowly recovered to become the seat of government and the capital of Australia. Melbourne also retained its cultural and intellectual dominance which helped our recovery.  But, importantly, we were left with a lovely city in world terms with a good railway system, its marvellous Victorian and Edwardian buildings and its interesting laneways, wonderful gardens, etc. However, rather than build on this inheritance, today we are in danger of becoming a very different city and politicians are hand- in- glove with a new breed of developers to bring this about with a mix of planning policies and, dare we say, manipulation and corruption. 

It has been said that nothing changes.

The past frames the present....  The present determines the future....  Explore the huge range of information available on Melbourne linked below.  If you have any suggestions, additions, corrections, opinions.... please add them.

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