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BRAG: November Council Elections
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November Council Elections
by Jack Roach - Thursday, 24 July 2008, 08:32 PM

We have heard that labor party members in some areas have been directed to put up three candidates in each ward in their electorates. By putting up three, one candidate in each ward could gain a voting advantage using the preferences of the other two.

This is a blatent attempt to take over councils in areas that currently do not blindly follow the government line on planning and other issues.

BRAG is against party political involvement in councils as it can result in decisions being made in accordance with government objectives which could marginalize residents in the planning approval process.

Combined with the government Development Assessment Committees and the New Residential Zones, the government would have substantial control over council decisions.

BRAG will look closely at  election candidates in Boroondara and inform residents of any stacking or political connections which may affect the proper democratic procedures.

We understand the liberals do not endorse or financially assist candidates but that does not necessarily mean that candidates with liberal connections would not stand.