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BRAG: VCAT decision on 19-23 Cookson St, Proposal.
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VCAT decision on 19-23 Cookson St, Proposal.
by Jack Roach - Thursday, 24 July 2008, 09:23 PM

VCAT has indicated it will approve the proposal for a six story building containing a ground floor shop, 60 seat restaurant, office and twelve apartment style dwellings, subject to the applicant submitting an amended set of plans responding to VCAT's concerns about rear upper level setbacks and some other minor issues..

The panel ignored the objectors' concerns about traffic and parking in Cookson Street and nearby streets saying they are "capable of accomodating the additional traffic movements".

The next step is for the applicant to take up the opportunity to respond to the required changes.

In broad terms, VCAT has inferred it will approve the application subject to the changes made to the plans being satisfactory.

If the applicant does not wish to take up this opportunity, or if the changes made are not satisfactory, VCAT will order that the Council's decision to refuse to grant a permit be affirmed.

The Council was represented by a planning consultant and there were six resident objectors and BRAG was represented by Jack Roach.

We recieved a good hearing but we were not confident as one of the panel members was  involved in approving the FKP Lifestyles application for the 15 story three tower development at the Junction.

The FKP development was the one at which Planning Minister Madden intervened inappropriately to virtually instructed VCAT to approve - and the panel obediently did what it was told.

This latest decision just confirmes that VCAT is far from being independent and is no more than an arm of government following the government line.