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BRAG: Elections and Planning Issues
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Elections and Planning Issues
by Jack Roach - Monday, 22 September 2008, 04:42 PM

A report in The Australian (15th Sept 08) covers the NSW council elections in which Labor candidates were thumped. It shows that planning issues can become political potatoes.

"Greens Upper House MP Sylvia Hale said all by-elections would be vigorously contested by her party because the people of NSW had made it clear they detested Labor's new developer friendly planning laws and its failure to deal with the issue of political donations". (See corruption article below).

NSW could be facing up to 5 by-electiuons with the fallout from last weeks leadership crisis.

Victorian Premier Brumby must be relieved he has a couple of years before the next Victorian elections to manipulate similar planning issues before he is tested.

We refer to the government appointed Development Assessment Committees to take over planning from our council and the  "New Residential Zones" that will remove residents rights to be notified of a proposed development and their rights to object and appeal.