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BRAG: Update on Camberwell Station
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Update on Camberwell Station
by Jack Roach - Sunday, 18 January 2009, 02:46 PM

After Council refused a planning permit earlier this year for the six/seven story commercial and residential re-development of the station precinct, VicTrack indicated it would appeal to VCAT. (See storey above for latest).

A Select Committee of the Legislative Council recently published its final report on its inquirey into the sale and use of public land and open space.

BRAG lodged a 10 page submission supporting the community's preference for a community centre set in a properly landscaped open public plaza and we appeared before the committee to push our case.

The Select Committee's report says that the site should not proceed exclusively as an opportunity to develop the land and airspace around the station for the greatest return without having regard to the built form, car parking, heritage values and the community's values and aspirations.

It further states that the government has failed to act in a co-ordinated, particpatory and transparent manner in respect to the disposal of this public asset nor has it recognized the custodial role it plays in the management of this public asset.

Interestingly, the committee recommends that the government publicly disclose the full contract terms enterd into with the developer in relation to the Camberwell Railway Station re-development.

VicTrack and the government did not co-operate with the committee and we wonder what they have to hide.

The full report is available on                        www.parliament.vic.gov.au/council/publicland/default.htm