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question: Is a green strip around the Well out of the question?
by R Deighton - Sunday, 12 October 2008, 05:27 PM
I am very disappointed with how The Well, behind Burke Rd Camberwell, has has become so unaccommodating for humans. There are cars above the building, cars below the building, cars all around the building, and cars right up close to the glass of the ground-level shops. In fact the whole building often smells of exhaust fumes. Pedestrian and community space is minimal, and the overall appearance of the site is Chadstonesque.
I know many of these things have been issues before, and it has already been built, but I'm wondering: Couldn't there now be pressure applied to have at least a modest green strip around the outside of the building put in? It could take the form of rows of plants and trees, and maybe a bench or two, around the circumference where there are now extra car spaces. Surely that would be good for everyone, and much more human. So my question is: Does anyone think this could be effectively lobbied for?