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BRAG: Camberwell Station Development Increased to 8 Storeys
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Camberwell Station Development Increased to 8 Storeys
by Jack Roach - Saturday, 18 October 2008, 05:43 PM

The latest Camberwell Station complex design has been changed again, increasing the number of apartments to 118 (up from 20)  by adding two extra storeys( up from 6 to 8) and reducing the commercial component by about 50%.

Car parking has been cut back to 309 (which includes 76 for commuters and station staff as currently provioded). The normal requirement would be 646 spaces.

As far as we can ascertain the new plans have been lodged with VCAT as an amendment, which means that the assessment for a planning permit will be made by VCAT. This is the developers way of circumventing the usual process of going to council for assessment of the changes on the understanding that this is a surer way of getting approval.

As we have said before, the site and airspace around the station should not be used exclusively to provide a developer with the greatest financial return without having regard to a community accepted built form, heritage values and community asperations.

What the local community has said loud and clear is that we want a low scale community centre set in a landscaped open public plaza with a car park below.

We accuse the government of failing to act in a co-ordinated , participatory and transparent manner in respect to the use of this public asset and it has not recognized the custodial role it is supposed to play in managing the site .