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BRAG: Government Does an About-turn on Melbourne 2030
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Government Does an About-turn on Melbourne 2030
by Jack Roach - Wednesday, 3 December 2008, 09:38 PM

The government has announced another large extension of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) to accomodate 134 ,000 new homes.

It is really a rethink of its planning policy "Melbourne 2030".

Along with this about-turn, Premier Brumby announced the promotion of six new designated business centres, Broadmeadows, Box Hill, Dandenong, Frankston, Footscray and Ringwood. Just recently the Government had designated Camberwell as one of the business centres for special attention but it seems this is has now been changed. Is this planning policy on the run we wonder?

This new announcement is a major departure from the previous policy of high density development in 26 Principal Activity Centres and hundreds of Major Activity and Neighbourhood Centres dotted across the metroplitan area with growth at the fringe restricted by the UGB.

Shadow Planning Minister, Matthew Guy has accused the Government of lying  because it has recently been denying there were any "plans to review the UGB at this time". "The Government has clearly been working on this new policy for some time", he said this week.

Planning Minister Justin Madden denied that the new plan spelt the death of Melbourne 2030 saying that Premier Brumby's announcement reaffirmed all the major principles of that policy.

Quite frankly, BRAG believes that Melbourne 2030 is already dead and just waiting for the last rites. We believe  the government is totally confused about planning for the future of Melbourne and is just responding to the developers demands.

And we wonder  to what extent have political contributions from those who will benefit the most influenced this major about-turn?