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BRAG: Government Take-over of Camberwell
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Government Take-over of Camberwell
by Jack Roach - Friday, 20 February 2009, 07:53 PM
The State government has identified five centres for immediate intensive development and Camberwell is to one of the first centres to be targeted.

The other centres are Coburg, Doncaster Hill, central Geelong and Preston (High St).

The Department of Planning & Community Development will be setting up :-

  • New Activity Centre Boundaries for each centre.
  • A Development framework for each centre.
  • Government appointed "Development Assessment Committees (DAC's) to take over planning control from the Councils for each centre.

Our Boroondara Council, after two years of investigation and discussion with all stakeholders, revised the Camberwell Junction Structure Plan and it was submitted to the Minister of Planning for approval. The Department's response was that they wanted to extend the boundaries further but,because they were keen to get the DAC's up & running quickly, the Department has now indicated they will not make any changes to the Council's adopted boundary.

BRAG is currently letter boxing residents to inform them of and urging them to respond to the Department to tell it what they think about the changes.

You can obtain a copy of a government brochure from www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/planning/activitycentres (includes some PR spin so read it carefully).

Responses from residents can be sent to Prioity Activity Centres Taskforce, Department of Planning, GPO Box 2392 Melbourne, 3001 or you can email to activity.centres@dpcd.vic.gov.au . Comments to be received by Wed. 11th March. 2009.