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BRAG: We get rolled by VCAT on Sofia's.
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We get rolled by VCAT on Sofia's.
by Jack Roach - Friday, 27 March 2009, 04:58 AM

Council refused a permit for a seven storey apartment complex on the old bank/Sofia Pizza restaurant site, so the applicant went to VCAT with an amended plan for a private hotel on the site similar in appearance and size to the original proposal.

This effectively removed council from the approval process . VCAT has now approved a permit.

Because the applicant had already recieved a permit from VCAT for the apartment block, it was not feasable to object on the grounds of scale, height and bulk but BRAG made a strong case aginst the gharish Burke Road facade which made a mockery of the old Bank's classic turn of the century design.

VCAT has now granted a permit without any changes against the wishes of the Camberwell community.

For quite few years now VCAT has approved all the larger development proposals in our area, - developers 100%, Camberwell Community 0%.

What does that say about VCAT's even handed independence?