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BRAG: Rudd Contradicts Treasury on Population Growth
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Rudd Contradicts Treasury on Population Growth
by Jack Roach - Wednesday, 25 November 2009, 01:21 AM

Dr. Ken Henry, Treasury Secretary, voiced fears that Australia might not be able to handle the predicted population of 35 million by 2049 but Prime Minister Rudd stated quite firmly on ABC's 7.30 Report that he "believed in a big Australia" saying "I actually think it is good news that our population is growing. I think it is good for our security long term, its good in terms of what we can sustain as a nation."

The predictions are that Melbourne and Sydney will each grow to 7 million with Brisbane almost doubling to 4 million. Dr. Henry asks "how will Sydney cope with a 54% increase in its population, Melbourne a 74% increase and Brisbane a 106% increase"?

With Rudd in Canberra pushing population growth and Brumby doing the same in Melbourne, what hope have we got?

It is very obvious that the Growth Lobby is alive and well influencing the politicians to continually push population growth to build economic growth (to lift profits) and blow the consequenses. As Dr. Henry says "in my view we are not well placed to deal effectively with the environmental challenges posed by a population of 35 million".

That's  a real understatment, we live in the driest inhabited continent on earth. Australia's fragile environment is being really challenged; Melbourne is  already bursting at the seams  with overstretched infrastructure, public transport overloaded. hospitals can't cope, police shortages, water shortages, power shortages and yet our political masters want to keep pushing up the numbers. It's good for us they say.

Well we don't think so and we think you don't either, so give them a message- email Premier Brumby, john.brumby@parliament.vic.gov.au and Prime Minister Rudd by 'Googling' Prime Minister Australia and go to "email your PM" or write to The Hon. Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister, Parliament House, Canberra. ACT. 2600.

Did you know that your State Government is actively advertising  for students and others to come to Melbourne with the possibility of gaining permanent residency? 

Did you know that agents in Melbourne are actively advertising residential properties for sale overseas?  But the government says we have a housing shortage !