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BRAG: New Planning Laws to Save Our Suburbs.
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New Planning Laws to Save Our Suburbs.
by Jack Roach - Monday, 18 June 2018, 04:04 AM

A new developmnet proposal in Glen Iris for a three storey block of nine flats was the site of a press release from the Coalition promising to introduce stict new plannig rules within its first 100 days of office if elected at the November election.

A full copy of the release is attached above...

This development proposal currently before the Boroondara Council is the result of the Andrew's government changes to the residential zones intruduced last year which increase heights and allowed for deveopment of more than two dwellings per lot. When questioned, Richard Wynne, the Current Minister for Planning, reluctantly admitted that more than 10 dwellings on one lot was possible.

At the Restore Residents' Rights Rally on the steps of parliament David Davis promised that, if elected, to restore the protections of the previous residential zones and todays press release honours that promise.

Matthew Guy said that "Victoria needs the right growth in the right places, not allowing anything to be built anywhere"

David Davis said that "a Liberal Nationals Government will put the brakes on this unplannned overdevelopment and give control back to residents and their councils".