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Government Responsible Authorities

  • VCAT: Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal is set up by the government to push its policies over the protests of elected councils
  • Boroondara Council: elected representatives with a wide mix of attitudes trying to balance the demands of residents against commercial and political interests and the requirments of planning regulations.

Organizations helping create an informed and involved community in Boroondara

  • Progress Leader Newspaper
    • reporting on council and community developments
    • providing permission for BRAG to reproduce content on this site for community reference
    • (Please post your comments on this site, or email us with any content that you send them. Your words may not fit into the Progress Leader, but they WILL be publicly recorded on this site.)


Related Interest & Reference

  • Camberwell (Wikipedia): Wikipedia Article on Camberwell needs to be developed and enlarged. Already mentioned the development issues and BRAG's involvement.
  • Camberwell Station (Wikipedia): History of Camberwell station including development controversy
  • Barry Humphries (Wikipedia): Barry Humphries lived in Camberwell in his younger days and supported residents in fighting damaging overdevelopment of Camberwell Station.
  • Geoffrey Rush (Wikipedia): Geoffrey Rush lives in Camberwell and has supported residents in protecting Camberwell Stration against damaging developmnent plans.

  • YOU !!  The most important resource in any community is of course the people.  If you want to maintain and improve the quality of life in Boroondara rather than just accept an inevitable downward spiral into high density urban squalor, then join BRAG; put your views online here;  many other possibilities...

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